About Carin

Hi everyone! I’m Carin (pronounced Karen). I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska but I live in the Seattle area with my husband, Andrew, three kids (Sydney, Liam & Dylan) and our Bernedoodle, Guster (named after the band).

I am a recovering Intellectual Property attorney. While practicing law in Chicago, I became interested in gemology and enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America distance learning program. After deciding I wanted to try working in the industry, I was connected to a local Chicago jeweler, left the law firm, and thus began my new adventure in jewelry!

I became intrigued by gems a long time ago when I discovered as a kid that one of my birthstones was an Alexandrite. My favorite color has always been purple and the idea that a stone could change colors based on the light immediately interested me. I asked my parents for an Alexandrite ring for my Bat Mitzvah…to be fair, I didn’t realize how rare and expensive they were at the time! I did get a purple stone, an Amethyst, and honestly, though not as rare, just as beautiful.

We left Chicago and headed to the PNW where we have been since 2009. Since then, I have continued to work in some capacity in the industry and now I am here! The goal of my designs is to complement the wearer’s many characteristics and traits. People talk about their “style” but styles change with moods and circumstances, much like an Alexandrite if you think about it. My line is meant to honor the indecisive, complex, and subjective aspects of ourselves. As a true Gemini (yes, look at my logo carefully), I don’t see the value in the straight and narrow path of life, art or design; rather, the curves, bumps and changing scenery are where the good stuff lies. I hope my designs add to that good stuff!

xxoo, Carin

PS – Susann is pronounced like “Suzanne” and is my middle name. We could have a whole other section on what it’s like growing up with familiar names spelled unfamiliarly.

About the Jewelry

Currently, all of our custom pieces are made in Seattle and by a female-owned jeweler. It was very important for me, when starting out, to have relationships and connections with local businesses in the area. This serves the purpose of not only supporting local businesses during a stressful time but also allowing me to maintain quality from the first sketch to the product you wear. Each piece is hand-crafted and worn prior to release to make sure it is comfortable and up to the CSD standard. Each collection page has an introductory text, giving you a peek into the inspiration behind the designs.

It’s very important for me to convey that my jewelry is meant to honor who you are right now, not who social media has told you you need to be. Celebrate yourself, complement your style and be proud to wear it for the world to see.

About the Packaging

So as it turns out, I’m the daughter of a packaging distributor. Very specific. My father and the 2 generations above him were in that business. Though I didn’t go into that line of work, it’s clearly innate in me to pay attention to how products are contained and presented. However, over time I’ve come to understand that ultimately how the packaging looks is less important than its functionality. And when it comes to jewelry, the packaging has minimal functionality, it’s meant to protect the piece as it travels to you. Then, hopefully, you have a safe and proper place to store it. So now, my priority is the functionality of the package as well as the impact on the environment. Therefore, you will likely receive your item in one of two packages: 1. A reusable snap pouch (which is perfect for traveling, storing pieces in drawers, or throwing in your bag/purse) with a 100% compostable zip bag. 2.  A 100% compostable box. We left off all ink/print to keep it 100% compostable. So yes, you may take the box you receive and stick it in your yard waste bin!