Sumaku Collection

Welcome to the Sumaku Collection, the Carin Susann Designs debut collection! Do you remember the magnetic sculpture toy pictured on this page (today it would be considered a fidget probably!)? I used to play with this item in my grandpa’s home office (after using his office supplies and organizing his desk, of course). The shape of the metal pieces is so simple and clean but provides texture and a sense of calm when manipulating the tiles. I get nostalgia whenever I see this shape. It works perfectly with the Gemini in me: symmetrical but abstract. Sumaku is the Swahili word for magnet. This is an homage to Africa, where so many of the beautiful gemstones we wear come from.

Single Diamond Ring

Diamond Stacker Mini

Antique Eternity Band Mini

Polished Band Mini

Diamond Stacker Small

Pavé Diamond Band Small

Open Diamond Eternity Band

Diamond Bangle

Diamond Studs Mini

Diamond Studs Small

Diamond Studs Medium

“Shannon” Inside Out Diamond Hoops

Single Station Necklace Medium

Station Necklace Medium

Station Necklace Small