The Hope Collection

The Hope Collection is named after my younger sister, Rachel Hope. When CSD began, she requested I design a necklace to layer with all her other pieces, specifically, her new diamond tennis necklace. She sent me some inspo and out came the gold bar station necklaces that are now the Hope Collection. The style evolved when I showed the design to my good friend, who was looking to add an everyday necklace to her collection that had a subtle bling and movement to it. Basically, she wanted it with diamonds…henceforth, the diamond bars. This necklace has a glimmer and movement to it whether on its own, with other pieces, with diamonds or without. Each necklace is hand-fabricated in the United States. Do not fret if you notice that only necklaces are available…the bracelets are coming soon!

xx, Carin

Polished Bar Necklace – Short Bars

Polished Bar Necklace – Long Bars

Diamond Bar Necklalce

Polished Bar Necklace – Slim Long Bars

Polished Bar Necklace – Slim Two-Toned