Years ago, when my paternal grandmother passed away, her grandkids were given a chance to choose a piece of jewelry from her collection. I had my eye on a ring with small square cut diamonds set in a thick yellow gold modified channel setting. It was easy for the others to pass over this ring because it didn’t stand out as timeless or classic, but rather, trendy for a certain era of time that none of us related to. But I saw the potential in that ring and chose to reset it as a classic halfway diamond eternity band in a channel setting (turns out the diamonds were not the same size so a prong setting would have looked odd). And thus began my love of repurposing a piece.

I am excited to offer my clients the option to create a custom piece with me, either from an existing item that you would like repurposed or in the alternative, a new item! This service ranges from simple timeless pieces such as diamond stud earrings, eternity rings, or tennis bracelets to the resetting of an existing piece as mentioned above. Whether it is to celebrate a milestone, anniversary, special event or to simply treat yourself or someone else, we will work together to create an end product that is sure to mark the occasion.


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